Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Install Samsung Notes on PC



If you are not on a Samsung branded device, Samsung Notes will not show up in the Microsoft Store for download. I think that's a pretty shitty way to approach brand appreciation. I'm a reseller of all the big brand names such as Dell and Lenovo but I'll only partner and resell things I have personally used and can trust. With that said, I won't be reselling Samsung computers anytime soon. You shouldn't need to spend $850+ on a Samsung Tablet and then have to drop another $1500+ on one of their "branded" computers just to install the Windows version of Samsung Notes. For the price they charged for the tablet, Windows or Mac support to view/download the notes should be free without strings.


Follow the steps below to install Samsung Notes on Windows. This has been tested on Windows 10 only so far but should work with Windows 11.

1. Windows Key + S (Search) ➡ Powershell (Run as Administrator).

2. Type the following and press enter:

winget install "Samsung Notes"
3. If this is your first time installing something from the Microsoft Store via the command line then you'll need to agree to the source terms. Press "y" then Enter to continue.

4. Next you'll see a blurb about the application that is about to be installed and it will require you to agree to the developer's terms. Press "y" then Enter to continue.

5.  You should see, "Successfully Installed" when done.

6. Windows Key + S (Search) ➡ Samsung Notes

Current version as of writing is:


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