Friday, March 4, 2022

pfSense - Get Memory Module Manufacturer, Part Number, Serial Number, Memory Speed, and Voltage - All Without SSH


I found this useful when trying to order memory for a new pfSense network appliance. I had purchased Crucial memory in the past however I've ordered way to much RAM for client machines that it was hard to differentiate between the models. To be 100% sure that I reordered the correct module, I was able to use the command below to grab the exact model number of the RAM stick used in this particular appliance.

Start Here:

1.) Call up your pfSense box and login.

2.) Click on 'Diagnostics' --> 'Command Prompt'

Diagnostics Menu

3.) In the section that says, 'Execute Shell Command' type the following, 'dmidecode --type 17' and click on 'Execute'.

Execute Shell Command

See this image for the syntax

4.) In the section below you can see the manufacturer, part number, serial number, memory speed, and voltage.

Results of dmidecode

Memory Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash


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