Saturday, February 3, 2024

Fusion 360 - Use the Correct Face for Thread Placement on a Cylinder



Placing threads on an extruded cylinder has one caveat when working in Fusion 360. When placing threads, it depends on what end of the cylinder face you pick when it's asking for the placement face. If you just click anywhere on the cylinder your thread placement will be wrong if you intend to apply an offset to the start or the ends of the threads.

Which End Do I Choose?

When applying threads to a cylinder, choose which end of the cylinder face (not the actual end faces of the cylinder) you want the threaded section to be on as seen below.

Choosing the left portion of the cylinder results in this. So far so good right? Not if you want to apply an offset to the start or end of the threads.

Watch what happens as soon as you uncheck "Full Length"...

The thread placement is now on the left half.

If we choose the right side initially, this is what happens after we uncheck "Full Length":


To avoid having to go back and delete the feature and recreate, do it right from the beginning. In the below example we drag left on the blue handle and it carries the offset leftward.


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