Tuesday, January 9, 2024

QuickBooks 2024 - Fix Missing PDF Component



This error seems to be one of many that Intuit doesn't care to fix. This applies to Windows 11 Pro and QuickBooks 2024 but I'm sure the issue exists with earlier versions loaded on Windows 11.

This could have been triggered during the initial QuickBooks install but isn't. Upon launching, QuickBooks complains that it doesn't have a PDF writer installed. This component is built into Windows so all we have to do it enable it and we're good to go.


1. Right click on "Start" --> Run --> type "control" or "optionalfeatures" to be taken direct to step 4.

2. Select "Programs and Features".

3. Left hand side, click on "Turn Windows features on or off".

4. Enable "Microsoft Print to PDF" and "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" and hit "OK". Wait for the installer to complete and hit "Close".

5. Try launching QuickBooks again. The error should be gone.


Pretty sure only Microsoft XPS document writer needs to be turned on to remove the error, however turning on "Print to PDF" isn't going to harm anything.


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