Tuesday, November 14, 2023

pfSense - Not Resolving Hostnames to IP Addresses?



For a while this has been bugging me. You should be able to ping a hostname on the local network and it should return the device's IP address. It's working for some hosts but not all. This is under Windows 10 Enterprise or Pro.

"ping orangepizero3" should return but the ping command is stating "Ping request could not find host orangepizero3. Please check the name and try again.".


Call up your pfSense web admin portal.

Navigate to "Services --> DNS Resolver".

Scroll all the way down and at the bottom enable the following two settings:
  • DHCP Registration
  • Static DHCP

The page will reload, click on "Apply" in green.

Flush the DNS resolver on your machine.

ipconfig /flushdns

Try pinging the host again.

Side Notes:

Google Chrome loves to not work properly on many levels. For the example above I'm finding that it doesn't even attempt to look up "orangepizero3" before returning "Address not found...".

If I call up "http://orangepizero3/admin" in a normal or private Chrome Window, I get the same error. 
  • CTRL + Reload doesn't do jack.
  • Clearing the DNS cache at "chrome://net-internals/?#dns" doesn't do shit either.

However if call it up in FireFox in either a normal page or private page, it loads the Pi-hole page after a second or two of thought. Subsequent lookups are even faster due to its caching.

At a loss with Chrome.


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