Saturday, October 21, 2023

QuickBooks 2018 through 2024 - Scheduled Backups Not Working? - Fix



Let's start by saying this program sucks and support sucks even more. First there's the language disconnect when speaking to tech support and then when you finally do get your problem across to the agent either the phone gets disconnected or they never relay the problem up to the devs.

Scheduled Backups Failing? Let's Fix that:

Should be straight forward, open QB, create a local backup, schedule it, enter your admin credentials, and QB should start making scheduled backups according to the schedule. Yea well their software is shit and hasn't worked properly since 2018. I'm sure it didn't work properly before that either but 2018 is the earliest I've worked with.

If your user is just that, a user, in Windows, log in as them. You will need a admin account for this (we don't want to setup the backup under the user and then two weeks later have them change their Windows password.

  1. Schedule your backup in QB, close the workbook and exit QB.
  2. Elevate Task Manager and type in your admin credentials.
  3. Find the task. It will look something like, "your business name here12345 1234567890".
Try to run it and you'll see the error below:

As an admin edit the task and enable, "Run with highest privileges" on the first page of the task.

Manually run the task again. You won't see the backup box with progress indicator but if you monitor the folder where you told QuickBooks to store your automatic backups you will see a new file with a date and time slightly behind the current time.


Seriously not a fucking clue why they can't get this backup process right. Intuit if you're reading this, I'd expect a little more value and a fully working program for the money I just spent. $1549.00 That's the Premier Pro base edition marked up $150 from pre 09/31/23 pricing. Prior to that date the base license was $549 and additional licenses up to 5 users was $300/each. That was for QB Premier 2023. They can't even produce a change log of differences nor a justification for the price increase. They're probably trying to annoy the desktop users into jumping ship to the crippled online version.

Now the price for the Desktop 2024 version (which looks identical by the way and seems to function the same way tooπŸ™„), is $949/base + $300 for each additional user up to 5 users total.

I guess someone needed to justify their job over there.


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