Monday, December 5, 2022

02 - Cloud Backup - Wasabi Account Control Manager (WACM) - Sub-Account Creation - Part 2 of 5



This is part 2 of 5.

*For each customer location we will create a new Wasabi sub-account along with a new email address.

*Individual Wasabi sub-accounts will allow us to correctly bill each customer location for the amount of data they use per month.

*The email address will be used to login to the Wasabi sub-account as well as send reports to itself from Duplicati.

Create Email Account (on your email server):
  1. Gear icon --> Email Services --> --> Email Accounts --> + Add
  2. Create new email in the form of, "".
    1. ie:
      1. Start with, "cx-"
      2. John's Seafood Shack
      3. 1500 Green Road
      4. ""
  3. Generate a 20 character password using numbers, letters, special characters, etc.
  4. Done.

Create Sub-Account in WACM:

2. Create Sub-Account (blue pill icon on right side).

3. Create Sub-Account Details:

    1. Name of actual customer location, ie: "John's Seafood Shack" or "John's Seafood Shack - Crab Key Island".
    2. Email you created above
    3. Generate a 20 digit password for the console login
    4. Make sure, "Send password reset to sub account email" and "On Trial" are selected.
    5. Change, "Trial Days" from "30" to "90" days to ensure you have enough time to test out the setup before committing the account to a paid one.
    6. When done click on, "Create".
    7. DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE ACCESS AND SECRET KEY!!! (you will not be able to view the secret key later!)

    4. On the Sub-Accounts page, under name, click on the new account name in blue on the left side then on the next page click on the tab labeled, "Account".

    5. Fill out the customers contact information on the, "Account" tab under, "Contact Information": 

    6. Make sure you use the new email for both the "Contact" and "Billing" email.

    7. When done be sure to click the blue update pill button in the top right corner.

    8. Customer account creation is now done.

    Proceed to step 3 of 5 to setup and configure MFA (multi-factor authentication), Buckets, Sub Folders, Users, and Policies.


    1. Create a new email account for the customer such as, "" and generaterandom 20 character password for the email.

    2. Login to WACM ( with your MSP credentials.

    3. Create a new sub-account using the customer's business name. If this is for a second physical location append, "- Actual Location Name" to the customer name. ie: "John's Seafood Shack" or "John's Seafood Shack - Crab Key Island".

    4. Use email in form of, "" and generate another random 20 character password for the WACM sub-account login.

    5. Make sure, "Send password reset to sub account email" and "On Trial" are selected.

    6. Change, "Trial Days" from "30" to "90" days.

    7. Download a copy of the Access and Secret Keys.

    8. On the sub-accounts page, click on the new customer location --> Account. Fill out contact section at bottom of page with customer address, etc.

    9. Use, """ for Contact and Billing emails --> Scroll up and click Update.

    10. WACM sub-account is ready to go, make sure to setup and enable MFA once inside the customer account.


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